Transform Your Body

Dear Friend,

Have you been battling your weight for years and now say, “I’m tired of the struggle!” Let me guess, you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable about your weight, and you’re tired of that nagging feeling of wanting to lose weight day-after-day.  Have you tried the latest diet, exercise program, shake, supplement or fitness equipment without success? It’s like a chronic condition which you can’t seem to end.  As a result, your self-esteem and self-image have taken a hit and your body is no thinner.

You’re not alone!  That’s why the weight management industry sees billions of dollars in sales each year.  Is the obesity rate in our country getting better, even with the billions of dollars in research and study?  NO!

Most of us know what we need to do!  We see it every time we turn on the TV or see a magazine or read the newspaper.  You can’t escape the talk shows, books, seminars and doctors who all want to tell you what to do.  That’s not including all of your friends, who between them have tried every known diet.

Knowing What To Do Doesn’t Make a Difference

Obviously, knowing what to do doesn’t help you eliminate your self-sabotage or help you create healthier habits. That’s because of your programming. For years, you have thought in a certain way that has gotten you to this state.

You see, the human brain is similar to a computer. It has programs that were written and reinforced over time. Most people call them habits. In the brain these programs are called neuropathways. Here’s the good news: These programs can be re-written. By giving your subconscious mind new perspectives on your health, your ability to create your success, and a new outlook on the way you see yourself, you will watch the pounds melt away. With repetition of these new concepts, new behaviors emerge and permanent weight loss is your result.

The logical or intellectual part of your mind is only 12% of your mind power.  Your subconscious mind however, comprises 88% of your mind power!

Let’s think about that for a minute….if your conscious mind is working on everything that is happening in your daily waking world how much energy is getting spent on creating lasting solutions to your weight loss goals?  I’m talking about creating new, sustainable, easy and healthy eating habits!  It’s a new way of life that feels great!  Your new life includes plenty of exercise and fantastic tasting food.

Tap Into Your Subconscious Power

If you can tap into the 88% of your brain-power that can be harnessed to help you effortlessly create the life you want for yourself – wouldn’t you want to do that?  Willpower is quite often not enough to get you past years of unhealthy eating habits, love of certain types of foods or a social life built around food.  Hypnosis in combination with coaching can help you tap into that 88% of your brain-power that can do for you what willpower alone cannot.  Hypnosis and coaching can help you make better decisions on a daily basis that will support who you really want to be!

Remember – you can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it.  What are you going to do differently now in order to get different results?

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Master Leadership Coach, I have helped many people just like you create lasting changes that resulted in a much healthier life style.

My clients have:

  • Significantly reduced or eliminated sugar and carbohydrate cravings
  • Eliminated the need or desire for fad dieting
  • Dramatically increased number of days per week of exercise without struggle
  • Amazing feelings of self-confidence  due to success in life style changes
  • Dropped excess weight and feel great in their bodies

The Transform Your Body program helps you effortlessly follow healthy eating plans prescribed by your health care provider!

Coach Laura’s Clients Rave

“The loving, encouraging and supportive space of this program has had a tremendous impact on my life.  I no longer get defeated.  I have the tools to keep moving forward. I have tapped into more personal power through this process.”   A. Hoeller, CPA

“I am amazed that by shifting my perspectives and attitudes I am able to affect powerful change in many areas of my life.  Weight loss is only one of the benefits I have received from this program.”       D. Robinson, Graphic Artist

“Thank goodness for this program. I am finally exercising regularly. I have uncovered and dismantled old thinking patterns that prevented me from being healthy.” S. Rose, Motivational Speaker

I have lost 25 lbs and would NOT have been successful with my products if I had not gone through the TYB program.  WHY?  Because I realized results are up to me, not necessarily what is in the bottle.  If I gave up on the products too soon, or kept eating beyond when I was full, I would have sabotaged my own efforts.  The TYB program made me aware that in the past, I was sabotaging my own efforts to lose weight.  I am now in control.  I can achieve the goals I set out to achieve.”   R. Lichtenfeld,  Admissions Director

Hypnotherapy is not a fad or new approach to weight loss.  This is a strategy that has been used successfully for many years to augment a prescribed healthy eating and exercise plan.

After years of individually coaching and hypnotizing people to successfully reach their desired body transformation goals, I developed an extraordinary program to help you master your desire for a healthier lifestyle. It will help you tap into the 88% of your brain-power that is not maximized. This program will work both on your conscious and the subconscious level.

Transform Your Body In The Mental GymTM Home Study Program

Now available in a simple easy to use three-part ebook and hypnosis audio program.

Programs like these that give you coaching, structure and hypnosis can cost hundreds of dollars.  The cost for coaching and hypnotherapy is typically in excess of 100 per hour!

This dynamic program is available for a limited time at $97.  The regular price is $197.

If you were to hire a Hypnotherapist and a Coach to help you in this area you could be paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars easily.

For $97 you receive the wisdom that has helped thousands of people. Plus you will receive a hypnosis audio program that you can use over and over and never have to pay a Hypnotherapist again for weight loss package.

TYB-web-image_v03This unique package includes:

  • “Transform Your Body in the Mental GymTMeBook
  • Body Transformation eJournal
  • The 12-week Do-It-Yourself Program and Daily Practices Log
  • Game for Total Transformation™
  • SPECIAL BONUS:  Hypnosis audio, “Great Weight, Great Shape.”


Take the next step to conquering the weight loss challenge and stress you’ve been dealing with. It is up to you.

You’re worth it!

Here’s to your body transformation.

Coach Laura

PS: If you don’t address your weight challenges now when will you?
It’s time to do it now and do it for good It’s a matter of your life and health.

Our exclusive 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not 100% satisfied after doing the 90-day Daily Practices, simply notify us and we will refund 100% of your program fee or offer you coaching to help you make the most of the program.