Coach Laura RubinsteinLaura Rubinstein is a Success Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Marketing and Branding Consultant. Laura is dedicated to inspiring people to live their lives authentically with power, passion and fulfillment.  She works with business owners to create more profits, more connections and more clarity and focus. Laura has been in business for herself for over ten years specializing in implementing personal branding for hundreds of small business owners across the US and Canada. Additionally her six years in corporate management, extensive coach training and study with the marketing gurus in the financial industry have helped Laura to understand and develop her true gift…coaching people in aligning their passions with their work and creating true success.

In addition to working with private clients, Laura facilitates a variety of life changing programs including Advisors’ Exchange Forum, Become A Man Magnet in 3 Simple Steps and Creating Juicier Relationships-Journey to Feminine Power. She is the author of Transform Your Body In The Mental GymTM and the 90-Day Body Transformation Program.

Laura’s passion is to coach people to their success at all levels. Laura’s clients consistently increase their net worth and expand their contact base while working together. Previously, Laura has served in corporate America in a variety of roles including technical writer, marketing associate, customer service and sales management.

Her early training was as an engineer at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Her analytical nature, strong interpersonal skills and creative problem solving abilities make her workshops, coaching and hypnosis programs highly effective. Working with Laura will take you on a journey to unleashing your authentic power and creating a life filled with harmonious relationships, true success and more joy.