Often times when my hypnotherapy clients talk about meditating, they express feelings of inadequacy. They think it’s this hard thing to do. If you listen to some teachers of meditation, they may say things that cause people to react and resist the process. I never understood why anyone would try to convince you that meditation is hard and an arduous task to accomplish. Perhaps, the meditation teaches could use a hypnosis training to know how to deliver their training without creating resistance to meditation. Whether meditation is or is not difficult is not the point. Rather, the point is to sit quietly. Allow thoughts to come and go. Give your mind a break from the thought patterns and make oneself available for new thoughts, energy, healing and more to emerge.

Even If You’ve Never Meditated Before You Can Feel Good About Doing It

If you give up expectations, then it’s super easy to engage in the process of meditating. It becomes more natural every time you site quietly. If you do a “guided” meditation, it’s even easier. There are tons of meditation CDs you can find out there to make meditating simple.

Hypnosis vs Meditation

Hypnosis is similar to meditation in that you sit quietly. The difference is as you sit quietly in a hypnosis session, you are listening to someone who is using relaxation techniques to guide you to dropping deeper into a state where suggestions can be made directly to your subconscious mind. Essentially, hypnosis is guided meditation with intention often to release limiting beliefs or behaviors and create positive change .

Hypnosis works best when the positive suggestions are repeated frequently after the session. Therefore, you could use your meditation to do self-hypnosis. Before you go into your meditation, think about your hypnosis session. Recall the positive suggestions. Imagine your transformed state as clear as you can. Feel that new way of being. Then meditate. You’ll get a double benefit from your meditation.