This blog post was authored by guest contributor Liberty Forrest.

Why Meditate?

What if you could take a pill that could improve your health, make you relaxed and happy, build your confidence and help you sleep? What if it could get rid of depression and anxiety, along with reducing blood pressure, heart disease and a whole lot of other physical, mental and emotional issues? What if it could reduce or eliminate problems with addictions, eating disorders and a long list of other health concerns?

Better still, what if that little Magic Pill had no toxicity or side effects?

Well, it is possible to achieve all of that – and more – not with a little pill, but with regular meditation.

We know that numerous studies prove that when compared with their non-meditating counterparts, people who meditate regularly are healthier and live longer. And we know that MRI scans show that there are physical changes to the brain after just six weeks of regular meditation. As a hypnotist, this comes as no surprise to me because I have seen the astonishing power of the mind “up close and personal.” Similarly, meditation accesses that power, too.
Many people attempt to learn meditation for years without being able to get the hang of it – and I was one of them! Once I figured out a few tricks, the rest was easy. I’ll share one of the easiest with you today and if you give yourself just ten minutes (minimum) every day to practice, soon you’ll be meditating like a pro!

Simple Way To Start Your Meditation Practice

A simple way to begin meditating is to close your eyes and simply focus on your breath for several minutes. As other thoughts wander in, acknowledge them, let them go, and focus on your breath and nothing more.

Then contemplate – notice – the details of your body, all the while keeping your thoughts on just your breath. How does your body feel on the floor or in the chair? How does the air feel on your skin? Can you feel a draft? How do your clothes feel on your body?

Think about your face, and all aspects of it. Your lips. Your eyes. Your cheeks, nose, eyebrows. Think about your head, your hair, your scalp.

Work your way down, being aware of each section of your body. How is everything feeling? What sensations do you notice? Are there itches? Is there discomfort? You might become so deeply relaxed that you don’t even feel connected to your body after a while. That would be fantastic! And it does happen quite regularly with meditation.

The point with this simple meditation is merely to notice every part of your body and your breath, and how everything is feeling, while letting go of any unrelated thoughts. That’s it!

The more time you have for this each day, the deeper and more beneficial your meditation experiences will become. Ten minutes minimum every day are required but as with most aspects of life, the more you put into your practice, the more you’ll get out of it.

LibertyForrestLiberty Forrest is an inspiring speaker, spiritual mentor, Award-Winning Author, HuffPost contributor and has been a guest on CNN.