Congratulations and welcome to your Body Transformation!

You have just made one of the most important decisions of your life… to overcome your life long weight challenge FOR GOOD.

This is the moment you can look back upon as the time when you stepped over the line and choose your HEALTH. You are now part of a growing community of ordinary people who practice healthy choices.

The 90-Day Body Transformation Program is designed to work in conjunction with a healthy eating and movement plan of your design or choice. The 90-Day Body Transformation Program will help you increase your motivation and stay on track with your health habits bringing forth your body transformation.

The following book, journal, log, game and audio is your mental gym and contain state of the art mental workout equipment.


Welcome to the Mental Gym.


Download the workbooks: Right-click on each link below and select “Save As” to save files onto your computer.

Print out each item.

Download the hypnosis audio (mp3 file) by right-clicking and “Save.. As” to save audio onto your computer.

 Using the 90-Day Body Transformation Program

  •  Read the e-book in 1 week or less and record your responses to the exercises in the Body Transformation Journal.
  •  The day you start using the Daily Practices Log is DAY 1 of 90.
  •  Listen to the hypnosis audio at least one time each day.


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Thank you.

Here’s to YOUR success!


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